GeoAg SolutionsIt is with much excitement that I can announce that through an agreement with Crop Production Services, I have personally taken ownership of GeoAg Solutions; here forward, referred to as GeoAg Solutions, Inc.

GeoAg Solutions has been a segment of Crop Production Services for several years; providing technology solutions such as HarvestPay, eTicket, other custom services, as well as technology equipment. Crop Production Services holds a strong commitment to its customers and through our agreement has ensured that you will continue to be provided with uninterrupted service and support for your current subscription services now and into the future. While no longer an entity of Crop Production Services, GeoAg Solutions, Inc. will continue to partner with CPS to provide value added services for CPS customers as needed in the future.

GeoAg Solutions, Inc. technology solutions customers will continue to receive the high level of service and support that has always distinguished our business. In addition, I am anticipating providing new features to our existing services as well as others that were not previously provided. Many of you have a direct connection with Cole Garvey who provides a great deal of the day-to-day field support and training…I am very pleased to announce that he will remain an essential part of this team and GeoAg Solutions, Inc.

Our OSHA training customers will want to remain in contact with Maria Cartagena as Crop Production Services will retain and continue to support that portion of the business.

As I have stated many times in the past, one of the greatest joys I experience personally from this business are the relationships that I have developed with so many of you over the years. I sincerely appreciate the relationships and opportunities provided to me by my leaders and mentors at Crop Production Services and of course, appreciate your business as well.

Taking this business on personally is something that I have felt led to do for quite a while. Many of you know the ups and downs of owning and operating your own business….I have admired many of you and the sense of ownership you enjoy…and while I’m certain it’s not always wonderful, I look forward to sharing in the same type of pride in ownership that many of you as business owners enjoy. Now that the opportunity has presented itself to make this a reality, I just wanted to share the news and my excitement with you.

If you have any questions in regards to this change, please feel free to give me a call (863) 441-1200. Please note my new email address is and Cole’s is
I look forward to many years of doing business together that have yet to come.

David Summers
Owner, GeoAg Solutions, Inc.

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